Research on Historic Buildings in Fort Atkinson

If you would like to research a historical property in Fort Atkinson, to find out more about its style, see how old it is, or to discover who the previous owners were, a good place to start is Knox Research and Archives at the Hoard Historical Museum. 

To learn about earlier owners of a property, you can conduct research at the Jefferson County Register of Deeds, located at the Jefferson County Courthouse, 311 S. Center Ave., Jefferson, WI.

The Historical Society of Wisconsin has an online database of historical properties from all over the state.  This database, called the Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, has information about many historic structures in Fort Atkinson.

Another resource is the Archives and Area Research Center located in the Anderson Library on the campus of UW-Whitewater.

Steps to be Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

If you believe your property might qualify to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, check out this webpage from the Wisconsin Historical Society to learn more about the criteria for eligibility.

If you want to learn more about what the National Register of Historic Places is, please see this webpage.

Tax Credits Available for Historic Landmarks

Did you know that there are tax credits available for people who are rehabilitating a property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places?  Learn more about these tax credits by visiting this webpage from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Maintenance of Historic Structures

Preserving a historical structure can sometime be a challenge, but there are many resources to help you in this endeavor.  For more information on the preservation and maintenance of historic structures, please see this webpage from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Alterations to Existing Local Landmarks and Buildings within the Historic Districts

If you own a historical building that is a designated local landmark or a building within the historic districts in the city of Fort Atkinson, and you wish to make alterations to it, you will need to fill out and submit the application below, along with supporting documents.

To assist you in determining what can and cannot be altered, you may find this ordinance helpful:


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